How Webinars are Changing Information Access for Everybody

Webinars are one of the hot new ways to exchange information. As Internet access has expanded, things like bandwidth and speed have dramatically improved. Where online audio and video used to be clunky and choppy, now it's possible to have hundreds, even thousands of people listening and watching streaming audio and video in real-time.This leads to rapid exchanges of ideas and information.

More and more people are able to leverage the power of the Internet to create connections and share content. Webinars are an easy way to take information, for instance, a boring state manual, and turn it into an animated presentation.

Consider this: You have a 12 page brochure about your business. You could just mail or email it to everyone on your list. -OR- you could make a video of you showing your customers how you would use it. You could talk them through the ins and outs of the use of your product of server. Which do you think would be more compelling? Which do you think would make them feel more connected to your company?

Webinars are changing the way everyone is accessing and exchangeing information.

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