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There are a lot of ways to present your business to the online public. One way is with a product web site. Product web sites bring the focus to the main product or service that your company offers. They still have 'About Us' pages and 'Privacy Policy' pages, but the product is displayed front and center.

The idea behind this is simple. Let's say your product is 'titanium golf clubs.' If you've done your homework and your website is using proper SEO techniques both onsite and offsite, a searcher will (hopefully) find your website in their results and click through to your product web site. Now, if they see a picture, description and price, and a way to make a purchase, there's a good chance that you'll make a sale right then and there.

If they land on a page that has no picture, and contains some generic text about titanium golf clubs, they may get some information, but they won't buy anything from you.

So, if you're developing your business presence online, consider putting your product or service front and center.

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