Information Access and our Policy

Our policy is to provide access to information to our clients, period. We take pride in our ability to track down hard-to-find information from hundreds of sources. The biggest value we offer is the ability to bring that information together into a simple customer-centered interface. Our customers literally have access to forms, documents, codes and publications from any applicable state agency.

It's our policy to respect our customer's privacy. We don't sell their information and we don't send out spammy emails.

For us, it's all about providing the information our customer's need to run their companies in any state. If they operate in more than one state, they have access to information for all the states they need. As information changes, we update our databases so that our clients are always able to access the most current information available no matter where they're located.

Finally, our policy is to gather this information from the various Secretary of State agencies and provide this information securely and privately in your online account.

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