Information Access and the many poems of poets

Poets and writers in general need information to fuel their writing. A lot of poets will write in short bursts, when they're feeling creative. In fact, many poets we work with will follow a 3-step plan to help them organize their writing.

Information: The first thing a writer needs is information. They need to read something that inspires them. They need something that lights their creative spark. Rather than just read a little, write a little - they like to read for 10-15 minutes. It's a way for them to 'fill up their tank' so to speak. This is where really helps poets when writing their poetry.

Writing: Once a poet has a 'full tank,' it's time to sit down and write. Often, the best way is to just start writing, in a 'stream-of-consciousness' style. It's best to just keep that pen on the paper and write without stopping for 10 minutes or so. Use a timer to help you stay focused.

Editing: Once a writer is done with the writing, they're going to need to edit. It's best not to go and edit the material just written. It's more effective to review and edit material from previous writing sessions. So a lot of writers will sit down and go through this process once a day. When they edit, they work on the material they wrote 24 hours earlier.

The writing and editing part, that's up to the poet. The information to fuel their fire is up to us.

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