Information Access Glossary

Information: the reception or communication of intelligence or knowledge

Access: ability or freedom to make use of or obtain something

Glossary: a grouping of specialized terms along with their meanings

Secretary of State: the person who holds the office of and is in charge of the Department of State

Corporation: A business that is recognized as a separate legal entity having its own rights, privileges, and liabilities distinct from those of its members.

Incorporation: The act of forming a corporation.

Limited Liability Company / LLC: A flexible business form that combines corporate liability protection with elements of partnerships

Articles of incorporation: The main set of rules determining the way a corporation will be managed.

Articles of organization: The initial statements and rules set forth for managing the LLC

Registered Agent: An individual or business appointed to receive service of process or legal paperwork from the state on behalf of a company.

Registered Agent Service: The service of acting as a liaison between the state and the company who has designated the registered agent.

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