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Petersons - one of the most frequent last names of new business owners

Did you know that there are hundreds of spelling variations of the last name Petersons? Derived from the greek, 'Petros' which means 'the rock' - after the famous disciple and saint English-speakers know as Peter; 'Petersons' simply means, "sons of Peter." Because of the popularity of the surname Petersons, it also happens to be one of the most common last names of new business owners we help here at That's just a tiny bit of trivia we have access to here because of all the businesses we help.

The name grew in popularity in Europe after the crusades. During the Middle Ages, the use of Petersons as a surname became popular as governments were instituting personal taxation. There are many variations on the name Peter and Petersons, but hands down, Petersons is one of the most frequent last names of business owners that we know of.

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