Information Access and Periodical Solutions

If your office is anything like ours used to be, you end up on a ton of magazine subscription lists. 15 years ago, that was a great way to get topical information relevant to your business. The problem is, you end up with stacks and stacks of magazine. And they're hard to just throw away because you just know you're going to need to dig in and find some article from 13 months ago to find some little tidbit you just have to have.

We used to have a 2 year rule, but even that lead to piles of magazine just sitting around.

Fast forward to our world today. There are still magazines, but a lot of them are available in digital formats. iPads, various tablets and even the Kindle make it easy to manage your digital subscriptions. Not only does it cut down on the clutter, but you can also perform a search and find that little tidbit in seconds, not hours.

To run your business in your state, you could subscribe to various business magazines and publications relevant to your business and home state. Or, you can let do the heavy lifting for you. By pulling all the information together for you in your online account, we make it easy for you to find what your looking for without having to subscribe to dozens of periodicals. - your periodical solution.

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