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Registered Agent Information

Information for corporate entities is obtained with the various Secretary of State agencies. Some states have corporation commissions and other varieties of information agencies. While starting a business, you have to choose a business form. To make an informed decision, you need access to information. The business form you choose will affect the income tax return forms you'll have to file at tax time. Common business forms include: limited liability company, corporation, and S-corporation. In addition, there are sole proprietorships, partnerships and non-profits. is your source for registered agent information, corporation information, LLC information, and any corporate information.

Registered agent service providers are designated by business entities to be responsible and available to receive legal documents and service of process. They generally are expected to be available during normal business hours, providing an alternate address for all legal mailings from the Secretary of State.

Corporations are formed when potential shareholders invest money or property for capital stock. In terms of deductions, corporations are eligible for many of the same deductions as sole proprietorships. C-corporations are viewed as a distinct entity for taxpaying purposes. Profits are taxed when they are earned, but distributions to shareholders as dividends are also taxed. This is often referred to as double taxation. S-corporations pass any profits or losses through to shareholders and avoid the double taxation issue. Corporations are formed by filing articles of incorporation.

An LLC functions like a partnership, but limits personal owner liability much like a corporation. For tax purposes, a limited liability company offers pass-through taxation similar to an S-corporation. LLCs can be member managed or manager managed, and are formed by filing articles of organization.

You can obtain information on corporate entities by doing name searches at the state level through most Secretary of State websites.